HR Management

HR Management

Today, as a new trend, while many international companies invest in a new market, they prefer to outsource all of their operational activities except sales and sales-related departments.

ERAI Turkey provides outsourcing HR Management services to international companies to reduce the costs and save time. While providing this service, ERAI Turkey acts in accordance with your global company policy and at the same time, implements the necessary regulations according to Turkish labor laws and legislation. ERAI Turkey functions as your company’s local HR department. As long as you receive this service, your project manager in ERAI Turkey will always be in contact with the responsible HR person in the headquarters.

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This service includes the following items and can be tailored to your demands and needs if necessary:

  • Payroll Operations,
  • HR Support Process: Severance and notice pay calculations for the employees who leave the job in termination of the employment contract,
  • Informing, Consulting and Audit,
  • Incentive Management (Optional),
  • Score tracking and reflecting it on the payroll,
  • Management of annual leaves,
  • Social Security Institution transaction,
  • Unemployment Insurance transactions,
  • Offer letter & employment agreement issuance for new starters,
  • Induction and on-boarding formalities of new joiners,
  • Employee change administration.