Payroll/Peo Services

  • Choose your local or foreign candidate or trust us to help you find the right local talent via our Recruitment and Headhunting Service.
  • We hire your employee in our company and taking care of the followings:

–   employment contract (fixed or indefinite term),

–   job offer letters, side benefits,

– work permit requirement (if the employee is a foreigner) and permanent payroll requirements,

–   human resources,

–   taxation,

–   accounting and compliance.

  • Thanks to our local expertise in the Turkish market, we ensure that the needs of your employees are met instantly while you find out what is legal, competitive, and customary.
  • A well-established relationship with local benefit agents enables us to assure a range of benefits to your employees, even with a small staff.
  • Your employees start immediately working directly for you, and they will be on our payroll.
  • After this stage, you can only focus on your growth in the Turkish Market! We will be in constant communication with the relevant departments and people (Finance, Accounting, HR & Sales) in your company and will share related reports.

Our plus: Recruitment/ Headhunting of the right local talent is also part of our skills.

If you are looking for one of the following alternatives instead of incorporation of a company in Turkey, we can offer you an efficient solution with our PEO service:

  • Employ and deploy the foreign staff/ consultants to Turkey in order to start your project quickly
  • Not to plan to have an appropriately incorporated entity in Turkey in the near future
  • Want to work within a defined budget
  • Want to limit the initial commitment in Turkey



We handle every issue on your behalf so that you can focus on your business’ growth and profitability.


We speed up procedures and paperwork, so your local employees can work efficiently and generate revenue faster.


We save you the cost and efforts of setting up a legal entity in Turkey so that you can invest more resources in other areas.


We manage the tax and legal compliance in all laws and jurisdictions; thus, you can deploy your business safely.


We become the legal employer/ Employer of Record (EoR) of your staff. Thus, we take all risks abroad, on behalf of you.


We take care of the formalities on-site; as a result, you can settle into your new environment, respecting the local corporate culture and protocols.


We guarantee by contract that no hidden costs or unforeseen expenses will be invoiced so that you can succeed with peace of mind.


We are the only consultancy origin company in Turkey that provides this service with a team of experts in HR, Payroll, Legal, Visa & Mobility to support you and your employees.


Our company protects sensitive employee data in accordance with the local data protection law KVKK (GDPR).

Any business owner or human resources manager with a growing business knows that workforce expansion is necessary. This is especially true for international companies that would like to enter new markets. It will require a company to employ the new branch in the new market or manage payroll and compliance for remote staff working out of the country.

When the client employer makes permanent hiring through a staffing agency, the company assumes responsibility for the employee. If the client employer is not established in that country as an employer, it will not be able to properly pay the employee and submit the required taxes and charges.

On the other hand, the PEO company offers comprehensive HR services to the client employer.

In simple terms, PEO service is a functional contractual arrangement between a PEO company and its client, whereby they share the rights and responsibilities of a hired employee. While it is important to note that the employee works directly and only for the client company, not for the PEO, and all financial responsibilities belong to the client company.

The client employer will continue to manage the day-to-day activities of the employee and retain responsibility for core role functions, including conducting performance evaluations.

The PEO employer will then take over all administrative or personnel-related tasks, such as payroll and benefits. It will also act as the registered employer of record (EOR) for tax and insurance purposes. The PEO becomes the employer of record (EOR) – creating a clear division of labor and offering all the benefits of outsourced administrative functions while reducing the inherent risks.

Although the staffing agencies and PEOs have some overlapping services, there are at least two significant differences between these two types of organizations.

In the case of a temporary staffing agency, the agency provides employees with client sites. These employees remain in the employment of the staffing agency. The situation changes in the case of permanent employees. When the client employer makes a permanent hire through a recruitment agency, the client employer assumes responsibility for the employee and should be established in the country to hire the employee on its payroll.

On the other hand, the PEO acts as a co-employer, which means that they share the responsibility for the employees. They will provide many necessary HR services, but decisions regarding hiring, termination, and compensation are left to the client employer. If the client employer’s employee is in Turkey, PEO will also assist with Turkey’s compliance, which is essential when hiring in a country like Turkey where the client is not aware of employment laws and regulations.

Another way of thinking about the difference is to think about what outsourcing is. Both organizations focus on HR tasks around the employee. With the staffing agency, the client employer outsources the hiring process and associated tasks. In contrast, with PEO, the client employer outsources only the administrative, payroll, and compliance tasks associated with the employee.


ERAI Turkey’s solutions are adapted to the needs and demands of clients, independently of their location, the size of their organization or their sector of activity. Unlike other global or local PEO service providers, our PEO service is flexible and customizable, which allows us to add or remove our other complementary services as needed.

ERAI Turkey’s professional employer organization (PEO) facilitates your expansion throughout Turkey, optimizing employment tasks while ensuring full and up-to-date compliance with local labor regulations.